Standards for defense

In the first instance the German armaments industry makes use of appropriate civil standards like DIN / EN / ISO and so on. When these civil standards no longer apply, in view of the specific requirements of military use, the attempt is made to accommodate the specific defence technology aspects in existing civil standards or those that are currently in the process of being formulated. When this does not prove feasible, experts in the armaments sector work together with specialists in the relevant industries to develop VG standards (VG standing for Verteidigungsgeräte = Defence Equipment), like the VG96912 standard for circular connectors and their backshells, for example. Specifications for materials are also formulated in the Material Specification Sheets of the BAAINBw [the Federal Office of Military Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support].
The civil standards are withdrawn from application once the defence technology requirements have been convincingly met.

Among Precimation’s products are Souriau’s circular connectors and the corresponding backshells from Souriau and EMCA in compliance with the VG96912 standard. We likewise offer plug connectors and backshells in keeping with the following standards:

Standard Description Possible pin number
VG95234 Connectors according to VG95234 7...60
VG95328 Connectors according to VG95328 2...61
VG95351 Connectors according to VG95351 7...10
VG96318 Connectors according to VG96318 1...128
VG98918 Connectors according to VG98918 3...5
VG96934 Connectors according to VG96934 7...10
VG96912 Connectors according to VG96912 1...128

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