Military and civilian standards

The ARINC company (Aeronautical Radio Incorporated) has been notable in past years for the part it has played in standardising the numerous communication protocols between different computer systems in aviation and in the avionics industry. Such standardisation has been brought about based on ARINC’s recommendations. ARINC defines both civil and military standards, though in most cases there is little difference between them.  

In the avionics sector Precimation works for the most part with the ARINC 404 standard, which defines the design of aircraft equipment, as well as ARINC 600. ARINC 600 forms the design foundation for equipment of the ARINC 700 series, which in turn regulates the fit, design and function of avionics equipment that is predominantly used in the transport aircraft sector.

Standard              Description                                 Possible pin number

ARINC 404      Connectors according to ARINC 404                    2...106

ARINC 600      Connectors according to ARINC 600                    40...800

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