Standards for high security applications

Plug connectors used by the US Department of Defense were originally developed for military aviation applications. The AN (Army Navy) series set the standard for modern military round plug connectors. These standards are still known today, as the military standards MIL-STD or (informally) MIL-SPEC. At the present time they are in general use in the aviation, space travel and shipping industries, as well as in the automotive sector and industry generally.

Precimation works for the most part with round plug connectors which conform to the MIL-C 38999 / MIL-DTL 38999 and MIL-C 26482 standards. Plugs based on the MIL-C 38999 / MIL-DTL 38999 standard are available in Series I, II and III. Circular connectors conforming to MIL-C 26482 will be found in our range in Series I and II. In addition, Precimation offers plug connectors in compliance with the following standards:

Standard Description Possible pin number
MIL-C-5015 MS connector according to MIL-C-5015 3...52
MIL-C-24308 MS connector according to MIL-C-24308 9...50
MIL-C-26482 MS connector according to MIL-C-26482 2...61
MIL-C-38999 MS connector according to MIL-C-38999 1...128
MIL-C-55302 MS connector according to MIL-C-55302 2...120
MIL-C-81659B MS connector according to MIL-C-81659B 2...106

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