Our first choice for electromechanical safety components

Schaltbau focuses on the safety aspects of your application. Electromechanical components from Schaltbau are used above all in situations where the highest standards of human and mechanical safety are indispensable. Snap switches, protective systems and plug connectors from Schaltbau are in great demand as safety components.

Schaltbau is your first port of call when you need to find a customer-specific solution for your application requirements. With Schaltbau components, you are able to rely on safety elements of tried and tested quality. They are easy to install, need hardly any maintenance and are notable for their long service life. In this way you can combine the highest standards of safety with maximum economy.

In last resort, the most suitable solution for you may turn out to be a finished product from the current standard assortment, a special design that has proved its value in the past or a completely new application. With us, customising is standard.


Schaltbau in the rail industry

As a supplier to the rail industry, Schaltbau has been engaged for decades in the development, project planning and manufacture of electronic components and equipment for railway applications. Its activities in this field go back to 1929, when it was manufacturing equipment for electrical heating systems on trains (a new idea at the time). Today Schaltbau makes various components and subsystems for applications in passenger coaches, locomotives, railcars, multiple-unit trains, special vehicles and bus drives.

Alongside its serial manufacturing activities, Schaltbau has always been willing to produce customised products to the specifications of its rail customers. This focus on customer requirements, along with the company’s decades of experience of transport technology, is the source of the numerous innovations with which Schaltbau repeatedly astonishes and impresses the professional world.