Swiss precision, innovative products, maximum flexibility

Preci-Dip makes its incomparable expertise felt in its innovative connection components. Customised designs, top-quality materials and unrivalled Swiss precision are the salient characteristics of the company.

Preci-Dip is a worldwide leader in the production of turned contacts in compliance with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 9100 and MIL-790 standards.

Precision tools and assemblies are all developed, designed and produced by Preci-Dip. Its manufacturing approach is completely integrated with its vertical production strategy. From the raw material to the finished product, every step of the process is under Preci-Dip’s control.

Preci-Dip is a leading company worldwide in the production of top-quality and reliable spring contacts (spring-loaded connectors / pogo pin connectors) which are used in many different sectors of industry. Another of its successful lines is to be seen in MIL / aerospace contacts, in conformity with the exacting standards of aviation and space travel, as used in aircraft, rockets, helicopters and other sensitive applications. PGA / BGA / PLCC sockets as well as PCB connectors, IC socket and print connectors of all kinds also form part of the Preci-Dip range, all supplied with supreme Swiss quality and reliability.  

With over 300 high-speed turning machines, Preci-Dip has a manufacturing capacity of up to 150 million precision contacts per week. All contacts are obtainable in a wide range of different alloys.

Custom design connectors are developed in close partnership with our customers. With our many years of experience, and knowledge and expertise acquired in working Preci-Dip, we will identify, develop and manufacture the right product to meet all your specific needs and requirements. 

Extreme competence, expertise and commitment to superb performance, flexibility and customer focus are top priorities for us. In close partnership with Preci-Dip, Precimation specialises in being able to identify your requirements, suggest possible options and find solutions for your applications, going on to develop and finally manufacture the product you need.


Screw-Machined Contacts
Spring-Loaded Connectors / Pogo Pin Connectors
PCB Connectors
DIL / SIL / TO Sockets
PGA / BGA / PLCC Sockets
Custom Design Connectors