MTM Power

MTM Power

For innovative power supplies

For over 25 years, MTM Power® is developing and manufacturing power supplies and transformers for industrial, railway and power engineering applications in Germany. MTM Power has its own R&D department, an own EMC laboratory, state-of-the-art technical equipment and highly qualified employees in all departments to continously maintain the technological leadership and produce innovative solutions.

Thus, innovation and creativity in R&D go hand in hand with the precision and quality in manufacturing. The result speaks for itself: MTM Power® produces power supplies for its national and international customers which are exceptionally powerful, stressable and durable. The close network between R&D, production and sales, professional know-how as well as appreciation of customers and suppliers ensure the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to market demands.

Precimation Product Categories



AC / DC Modules
Modules for IP67 Applications
DIN Rail Modules
DC / DC Converters for Industrial Applications
Multi-Power Supply Systems
Power Supplies for Railway Applications
Transformers and Transformer Power Supplies