AERO/MIL plug connectors

Souriau Series 8559 Modular Junction Blocks

19. April 2022

Key features and benefits

  • Flight proven
  • Standard qualified: NSA937901, EN3708, ABS1569
  • Sealed/unsealed
  • Contact size #20 and #22
  • Easy to install on a mounting rail
  • RoHS compliant


8559 terminal junctions consist of a rail profile support where termination modules with removable contacts may be stacked. Modules are retained in the extrusion by modules clamps at each end. These terminal junctions are very attractive for building interconnection combinations of variable and transformable composition under a compact geometry. This solution is well adapted to high-end intricate interconnections featuring a high-density cabling. Their design ensures a high reliability level compatible with the most stringent environment conditions.

Two types of modules are available depending on contact sizes: 21 contacts size #22 or 10 contacts size #20. The modules are developed in unsealed and sealed versions. An internal shunting of contacts by groups is provided for as shown in interconnection diagrams printed on the upper face of individual modules.

Download | datasheet series 8559.pdf