• MP 600
Electromechanical components

MP 600 series - Mechanical Two Position Sensor

04. June 2019

Microprecision is introducing a new product for mechanical position detection. The new MP600 series of mechanical sensors is designed to detect two positions within one single product.


Schaltbau C310 | AC and bidirectional DC contactors up to 1,500 V

23. April 2019

Compact single-pole NO contactors for AC and DC (bidirectional) up to 1,500 V rated insulation voltage. Making current up to 2,500 A; conventional thermal current up to 500 A; short-time current up to 3,000 A.

  • CONEC Product News 2019

CONEC Product News 2019

08. November 2018

Industry 4.0, the current trend of increasing automation and data exchange in manufacturing environments, has resulted in new demands on electronic connectors. More data, being transferred at faster speeds, and the need for high reliability in sometimes harsh environments, has forced the development of new connectors.

  • CONEC M8x1 connectors D-coding with “Fast Ethernet”

CONEC M8x1 connectors D-coding with “Fast Ethernet”

24. April 2018

Today, it is impossible to imagine many areas of automation technology without Industrial Ethernet data transmission. Up to now, M12x1 D-coded connectors have mainly been used for control and regulation units. Many manufacturers are now connecting their sensors, cameras and other components with each other via Industrial Ethernet. Due to the progressive miniaturisation of these devices, it was time to develop a compact connector suitable for this purpose.

For this reason, CONEC has extended its Industrial Ethernet product range to include the M8x1 D-Coding according to IEC Standard 61076-2-114. The pole pattern is based on that of the M12x1 D-Coding and prevents mating with all other M8x1 codings on the market.

With M8x1 D coding, Industrial Ethernet transmission is implemented using a 4-pole M8x1 connector in conjunction with a 360° shielding and a standard Ethernet cable.

Together with the contacts changed to 0.8 mm diameter, the connector enables a transmission rate of up to 100 Mbit/s (Fast Ethernet).


New Catalog - PRECIMATION PRODUCTS 2018/19

21. February 2018

Our new product catalog is now available in modular design in German, English and French. We have slightly adapted our product portfolio to the requirements of the market and added the latest product news to the catalog.

In our download area you can download the current catalog PRECIMATION PRODUCTS 2018/19 as PDF.